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When we place more and more importance on the role of government in our daily lives, we are entrusting government with more power over our lives.  When we wait anxiously to hear what each government official has to say about any given subject, we are giving up our ability to think through the problems and challenges we face.  We are also handing over our responsibilities to government officials to solve problems and help our fellow citizens.  The problem with this is that while government may be able to provide the material needs of people, it will never provide the spiritual needs that most problems ultimately come from.

When we give government more power and control over our lives, whether that be in regards to economics or social issues, we are actually encouraging people who desire and yearn for power to run for office.  Those that that have ambition for power are usually the ones who shouldn’t be in power.  The desire and yearning for power is a strong desire that acts like a drug.  And like a drug, those that are addicted to it will say “I can stop anytime I want to” but the reality is, they often slip further into it’s grasp, coming to their own destruction, while destroying the lives of so many others that they touch along the way.

I believe this is true for both those that hold left and right ideologies.  Both of these ideologies thrive off the idea of controlling people – one in the realm of economics and the other in the realm of social issues.  It stems from the notion that people need to fall in line with a certain way of thinking, for their own good.  Government and law happen to be the means of forcing people to change their actions in order to change their beliefs.

Why should it surprise anyone that those who thirst for power the most are the the very ones we are left choosing for elected office?

If we want different candidates, then maybe we ought to rethink the role of government in our daily lives.