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I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty a couple of times before.  Once, we even go to go up to the crown.  Each time I’ve gone, I can’t help be a little sad feeling that the reality of the nation and culture is different than the ideals set forth in the symbolism of the statue.


But that’s always going to be the challenge – the reality vs. the ideal.


It’s similar to the view of the city from the statue.  There is the ideal of the city that we see from afar.


And then there is the reality – the up close view, where we see and experience all the imperfections and sins of the people.  And we are left with a choice – what do we focus on?  Many spend too much time focusing on the negatives and choose to condemn and divide.  That’s a place I cannot go.  The message is all doom and gloom.

Instead, I choose to take a different path and cross a different bridge.  I’d much rather focus on the ideal while not ignoring the reality that exists. But the ideal is gives us direction and something and somewhere to go.  It’s not about reaching the ideal as if it were a destination. No the ideal is a way of life to be lived instead.