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We made our way to the 9/11 Museum.  The museum is a unique experience – that’s the only words that I can use to describe it.

I’ve been to NYC numerous times.  I’ve seen the Twin Towers when they were up.  We saw work on the space after the Towers came down.  We saw the monument before the museum was completed.  We saw the construction of the new World Trade Center building.  There is other construction still going on in the area related to the World Trade Center.  This has been the progression of 15 years.

Going to the 9/11 Museum is unique in the sense that the current generation witnessed and lived through the horror.  I envision it would be the same reaction from those who witnessed the bombing of the Oklahoma City bombing or for those who lived around a concentration camp after it was freed.

I won’t go into too much detail here.  The museum has a ton of information, video, items, and history.  Like this – pieces of the support structure.


These are pieces of history that under normal circumstances would be tossed aside as junk.  But because of the events of that day, these items become more than just metal and stone.  They become symbols of so much more.

In a similar way, there is a stairway.


Any other time, any other place, it would have been disposed of as being ruined.  Now it is much more.  A symbol of survival for those that made it out.