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Russell Moore wrote an article on March 2, 2016 entitled “Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?

It’s the popular question now that it looks like the fall election will be Clinton vs. Trump and many see these two options as anathema.

As you know, Election Day is one of my least favorite days.  It has been for some time – ever since waking up and seeing what partisan politics is really about.  The people I vote for rarely win.  Mostly because I can’t stomach the options on the ballot.  If I do vote for an option on the ballot, you can pretty much count them out.

I have a thought – We can speed things up a bit and lessen the depressing blow of voting by doing a few things.  Once the two candidates have their nominations locked up officially (have enough delegates to claim their respective party nominations), we can speed this process up quite a bit so we don’t have endure the next six months listening to these people every…single…day.  Think about this – Do you really want to hear Clinton’s cackle yet another day?  Or Trump say, well, just about anything?

Here’s how we can do this – we change the rules.  Within one week of being the nominees, the candidates have to decide on their VP picks so we can feign excitement and then let it sink in that these poor people have to spend more time with their respective bosses – thank God it’s not any of us. That means they have compliment their boss on the BS they will hear.

During this time, the third parties can select their candidates and then go through the motion of believing they are going win because they are the most right on any given issue.  And we all know elections are solely about issues right?  Yeah, sure.

At any rate, things will be set.  After a couple of days of euphoric jubilation that we have been blessed by God with such crappy candidates, we obviously need a debate.  We, of course, won’t really listen to the finer points – like how their policy ideas might actually work (no worries, we all know they won’t), or how they are going to pay for their ideas (no worries, you know you will).  No, instead we’ll listen to see who has the best one-liners that can be tweeted on social media.  Because that’s how we decide who wins debates.  If only Twitter has been around during the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

After the mandatory “debate” then we can have the election that evening.  No need to wait.  And forget about going to a poll.  Let’s just all vote online and get it over with.  Let’s be honest – while we may hear plenty of new ideas, heated apocalyptic rhetoric about their opponents, you’re really not going hear anything that is going to change your mind are you – you already made up your mind – they all suck.

Because of this fact, I propose we change voting – we turn it into a reality TV show.  We can go through rounds of voting.  The candidate with the least votes, gets voted off the stage and thrown into an angry mob where their fate will be decided.  Think of the ratings.  And you’d get what so many want – higher voter participation.  Never mind the fact that a low voter turnout typically means that people who don’t vote aren’t voting because they feel that regardless of who wins, the country will be just fine.  That’s just so boring isn’t it?

Once we have the final two (Clinton vs. Trump) we can have one final voting round, with an option for None of the Above.  That way we can vote both of them off the campaign island.  The ratings would soar!  And then the next season of American Candidate could begin with a whole new crew.  Only we change the show up – season two would be the new candidates play by the rules of Big Brother.  Can you image the tension of two candidates being locked in a house?   Oh the drama.  We’d be tweeting about it for weeks.

Wait.  What were we talking about?  Oh yeah, elections for office.  Never mind.