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We did a short hike on one of the trails at Canoe Creek State Park.


One of the things I love about hiking in nature is the colors.  At least the colors as I see them.  Since I’m colorblind, I’m sure I miss out on some of them.  However, there are advantages too.  I spot things because I’m making an effort to be aware of the colors around me.


Trying to explain colorblindness to someone who isn’t colorblind is extremely difficult.  I’ve never seen the way a “normal” sighted person sees, so I have no reference to explain how I see things differently.  I don’t know any other sight than the one I have.  All I can do is express what I see.


In a way, we’re all colorblind – living our own lives, trying to express them to others, without any real knowledge of what it’s like to live any other life.