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Two completely unrelated things have caught my attention in the past week.  One was an article about how “Being a Christian Doesn’t Always Look Like You Think It Should.”  The other is a sermon I heard from Will Willimon at the Festival of Homiletics.

The article is pretty self-evident based on the title.

The statement that Willimon said that caught my attention was the following (not a direct quote, but a summary):

  • Jesus doesn’t come to comfort, but to give us a mission.  It’s not about your comfort and Jesus helping you.  It’s not about you. It’s about Jesus going his own way.  We are invited to go along his way.  Jesus will go that way anyway.

These two ideas fit so perfectly together.  So often we Christians have this false idea that being a Christian is about so many things that it is not.  Being a Christian doesn’t mean you are going to be perfect, or have material blessings, or all of a sudden have your life together, or will be able to stand in judgement of others for how they are living their lives, or …

No, Christianity isn’t about any of that because those all have the wrong focus – they focus on me, me, me and what I want, want, want.

Sorry, but that’s not what Christianity is about.  Christianity is about dying to self and what you desire.  It’s about following a different path – one that you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself.  It’s one you would have run away from on your own.  But it’s also a path that is so much better ultimately than anything you could have come up with yourself.