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Hafnarfjödur is a cute little suburb of Reykjavik, about a 30 minute bus ride.  We stayed in the town during our time in Iceland.  A fun thing to do when we stay somewhere new is to wander around.  We did that here too.  We found some interesting sites:


Where else could you find a Viking crossing sign besides in Iceland?  The Icelandic people are descendants of vikings.  Icelandic is a unique language too.  It’s one of the oldest continuous languages too.  What I mean by that is that it hasn’t change much in 1000 years.  Yes, that means you could pick up a book that was written 1000 years ago (if one existed) and read it in modern Icelandic and understand it if you know Icelandic.  That’s pretty cool.  Things like this can happen because so few people are fluent in Icelandic.  The island nation only has about 350,000 people living on it, so that’s tiny by most standards.  And except for a few others out there, that’s mostly who uses the language.

But enough about fun facts, on to the unique houses that exist in Iceland’s towns.

I love the way the homes look.  They are so welcoming.

But it would be a bit of a challenge to tell friends the street you live on.


That’s a mouthful.

But the view…oh the view is amazing.