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One of the first things we did during our time in Iceland was go on the Golden Circle tour.  Yes, it’s a big touristy thing to do, but it’s also well worth it.  You get to be out of the capitol and into some of the island that is so amazing.


Iceland is truly an amazing island – still shifting and moving and forming.  It’s a point in the crust of the earth that is close to the magma.  It’s got steam coming up out of the earth.  Iceland makes use of this too – so much of the island is heated geothermally – tapping into the steam the earth produces.


Power plants, like the one in the picture, capture the heat and use it to power the island.  It’s extremely environmentally friendly and makes so much sense.  It also makes energy really cheap for the island.  Talk about a win-win.

Maybe one of the reasons Iceland can get away with doing something that is full of so much common sense is that there are so few people on the island – about 350,000.  When there are that few people, there are few competing interests and people have a better chance of actually knowing each other.