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Yeah, I’m going there.  Here’s your fair warning.  I’m not feeling great, so some of the filter between my brain and my fingers might not be working properly.

“God help us!”

That’s the only thing I could think to say when I was shown a video of John Hagee doing his endorsement of Trump without naming Trump because he doesn’t want to violate the letter of the law regarding church tax exemption.  Pharisees are good at obeying the letter of the law.  And with plenty of wealth earned off of his flock by scaring them to death with  preaching of Rapture theology, he can afford good lawyers who can defend him.   Never mind all the books and programs he’s sold predicting the end of the world.  BTW, they’ve all been wrong.  Yet, people continue to listen to this fraud.  If you think this harsh, here’s the definition of fraud – wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

If you want to watch his non-endorsement endorsement, you can see it here.

He starts with a quote by Martin Niemöller about seeing evil and naming it…And proceeds to endorse Trump.  It would be laughable if it weren’t actually happening.  That’s the same Niemöller who was an anti-Nazi, was imprisoned for his beliefs, and nearly died at Dachau concentration camp for this beliefs.  He named the evil of Nazism and almost died because of it.  Frankly, I’m deeply pissed off that Hagee has the nerve to equate himself to Niemöller in quoting him and using him in his non-endorsement endorsement of Trump.

Hagee says that the candidate he is supporting (let’s just name him here since Hagee didn’t have the courage to do it) will “Solve the immigration problem.” I wonder what Hagee would have thought about another person’s “solution” to another problem facing a country in crisis in the not so distant past.  We should be really concerned if this solution is renamed the “final solution.”  “Immigration problem” sounds so, I don’t know, so much like a math problem, doesn’t it?  Never mind the fact that people, real people, are actually involved here.  Immigration isn’t a math problem to be solved Hagee – It’s a situation where people’s lives are involved.  It’s complicated and takes times.

Hagee is a preacher, that can’t be avoided.  It’s unfortunate too.  People will see what he preaches – division, fear, destruction, wrath, etc. and equate that with Christianity.  It couldn’t be further from Christianity if you tried.

Hagee preaches a gospel message alright. It’s a message of the religion of America first.  it’s a religion of empire.  It’s the same religion that has been followed by so many in the past.  It was the religion of the British empire at its height.  It was the religion of Greece and Rome, of Babylon and Egypt.  It has been the religion of every empire that ever exist – or would be empire.  It’s a religion where the nation is no longer just a nation, but something more.  A religion which preaches that the nation and its leader(s) are the savior of the world.  A religion that separates those who are chosen (within the empire and supporting the empire) from the damned (everyone else).  It’s a religion of us vs. them.  It’s a religion that uses God’s name for the benefit of the chosen – wrapping the national flag around God like a cloak.  All enemies of this religion must be destroyed because the god of this religion is a wrathful, fearful deity that only understands the language of power.

It’s summed up in one of Hagee’s final statements where he says – “May god give us a leader who has the courage to put America first and stand up for we the people.”

I’m tired of this – already.  I’m tired of very public supposedly “Christian” leaders rationalizing away what is obvious right before their eyes.  I’m tired of the Pat Robertson’s and John Hagee’s and Gary Dull’s of this country preaching gospels of hate, division, judgement, wrath, anger, fear, and destruction.

I have a series of pointed questions for these men and their followers.

How long until we have a Trump religion where Trump is the savior.  I’ve already read several statements on social media by some saying that Trump is the only one who can save the country from it’s brokenness.  How long until we just formalize that and call it what it really is – a religion?

How long until we have our own National Trump Church which will be unified in espousing a single doctrine compatible with Trumps beliefs?  I wonder if these men are vying to be the head bishop.

How is what Hagee and others preach not making the state and his preferred leader the new religion under the guise of Christianity?  How is it any different than Rome and the emperor?

How is what Hagee and others who preach a similar message considered Christian in any sense of the word?  How is their warped idea of Christianity anything that anyone would want to live their lives by?

How is what Hagee and other who preach a similar message considered Christian – preaching a message about saving the nation through a man with a strong military to support him?

How is what Hagee and others who preach a similar message any different than what religious leaders in the past preaches about putting our hope and faith in Rome (or any other empire) and it’s leader?

How is what Hagee and others who preach a similar message considered Christian at all when Christ is so different from all of this?  Christ is the slain lamb who is victorious, not through military conquest and killing his enemies, but by loving them.  He enters Jerusalem on a donkey, not a white horse with a sword.  The incarnate God who loves the world so much, not so that he can destroy it in some fabricated Rapture in which humans desire revenge unleashed on God’s enemies, but a God who loves the entire world and all of creation and calls it good.  A God of peace who looks forward to the day when swords can be beaten into ploughs, not the other way around.

I have heard Hagee’s gospel message before and I’m tired of it.  We all have heard it preached so many times before throughout history – every tyrant and demagogue that was able to suck in religious leaders to their false gospel has preached the same disgusting gospel message.  And here we are again.  The tyrant and demagogue doesn’t have to force these people into preaching these messages – they willingly do it, and do in God’s name.  That’s the sad thing about it.  They believe they are serving God, when in fact they serve an idol – power.

God help us.  Give us strength for the days to come – not to fight, but rather to be a light you have called us to be.  Not to kill, but rather to die to self and pick up and carry our cross for the Gospel of Jesus.  Not to force, but to live out love and peace.  Give us discernment that we may have ears that hear and eyes that see.  Give us patience and calmness – lots of it God – we need these things to go forward.  Help us to be an instrument of your peace – strike that – make each one of us an instrument of your peace Lord.  Give us courage to preach your saving Gospel – both in word and deed.  God help us.  You are the only one who saves.