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So this is a really touristy thing, yet also pretty dang cool.  How often do you get to be at a location that has two of the major continental plates?  Iceland is on the fault line.  Here’s the proof:


It’s also why Iceland has so many earthquakes and is a volcanic island and exists at all.

This was our first step back to North America in 11 months.  We were easing our way back – which is a good way to do that since we loved our time in Europe.


That’s not lava down there.  No, instead, they put lights along the fault line to make it easier to see.  I’m glad about that.

We were making our way back to North America – one step at a time.  On this day we stepped back into North America.  But we wouldn’t be totally in it for a few more days – again, something we were glad wasn’t happening right away either.


You may be wondering why the hesitation with going back “home.” Well, when you live somewhere you love to be for 11 months, it starts to take on “home” features as well.  Going back to the US was a bit of a struggle, especially for me.  There are days when I still struggle with being back in the US.  I’m told that is normal when you step away for a length of time.  It happens because you have changed and so has the nation, and the two don’t necessarily change in the same direction or way.  That’s an understatement.

Next travel post – we’re back on the road to see more amazing features of Iceland.