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During this presidential election, much like previous recent elections, I hear lots of concern over who gets to pick the Supreme Court vacancies.

When did the Supreme Court become such a big deal?  What I mean is when did a presidential election only really hinge in the sense of who gets to appoint supreme court judges?  Maybe in 2000 with that contested election?  Maybe earlier?  FDR made a big deal about trying to pack the Court so he could get his programs through.  And it’s been said that Chief Justice Marshall changed the nature of the court back in the 1800’s. Maybe the court has always been viewed as so important because there was so little written about it in the Constitution – and so interpretation about its role has varied over time.

But really, basing an entire political campaign based on who gets to stack the court with judges inclined to your preferred ideology?  That’s the best the R’s and D’s have for disaffected voters who see these two options as really bad options.  Really?  Oh, I can’t wait for November!

However, our current obsession with the Court and who gets to pick who gets on the court seems a bit unhealthy, doesn’t it?  That’s not how the system is supposed to work, is it?  We vote for someone because of how they will fill supreme court vacancies?  Have judges become oligarchs now with supreme power?  Why bother with elected officials then? And here I was naive enough to think the justices represent one of the three equal in power branches of the government.

I have already heard several people talk about voting for ____ because they will get to appoint the next (pick a number) supreme Court justices.  I know ____ is not a great candidate, but think about the court!  It’s always the court!

Really, that’s what we’ve come to in our elections?  We’re worried about who gets to put a judge on the court?  As if the court is the most powerful branch of government!  Here’s a news flash – it’s not – or rather, it’s not supposed to be, just like the other branches aren’t either.  It’s one of three parts of the federal government.  It’s like rock, paper, scissors.

Really, its all about the court now?  Never mind that the executive branch carries out the laws and should be filled with competent people.  Never mind that the legislative branch makes the laws and should be filled with people who can see the ramifications of the laws they pass.  I guess those don’t matter anymore – have we given up on those things and are holding out hope that the Court will pick up the slack?

Most of the arguments for Clinton and Trump end up being about why they aren’t nearly as bad as their opponent.  Their supporters all seem to realize how truly terrible these candidates are and yet they want us to join in on their pity party because, you know, misery loves company.

And don’t even get me started with the “a vote for ____ is actually a vote _____”  Bullshit.  The only people who argue that is the supporters of crappy candidates who can’t convince everyone to hold their noses and vote for their crappy candidate.

When you vote for a person, you vote for that person.  There’s really no other meaning to it.  Wait – a vote for the person you vote for is actually a vote against the other candidates.  That’s about as close as it gets.  I’m sorry you can’t handle that truth oh supporter of really crappy candidates.  I’m sorry that your candidate is so weak that you have to come up with annoying arguments to convince reasonable people to support them.  I’m sorry that you feel the need to make others feel guilty or responsible for this election.  Way to rope people in!

A vote for a libertarian is a vote for a libertarian.  A vote for a write in is a vote for a write in.  While we have a two party dominated system, we need to get past this binary thinking that you can only either have A or B.  Sorry, the world doesn’t work like that.  Just because someone votes for a third party candidate doesn’t mean it’s a vote for the party that you oppose.  It means your party and your candidate sucks and that voter wants nothing to do with either of them.  It’s not a vote for the other party or your party.  If the voter wanted to vote for the other party, they could easily do that.  The voter apparently doesn’t want to be caught dead with either party.  And I can’t blame them frankly.

So until I hear an actual decent reason to vote for either of these two “candidates” don’t come over to me finger-waging at me with your crappy reasons to support your equally crappy candidates.