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Gullfoss is an incredible waterfall in Iceland.  And the really cool thing is that you get to be really close to it.


It’s windy, big, it’s loud, the area is colder and you stand in awe of the power of nature.  Did I mention that it’s windy!  Really windy.

When we were in Iceland, Icelanders were talking about the heat wave they were experiencing.  It reached 60 F during the day.  This was the beginning of July. That’s 10 degrees warmer than normal.  When we went to Gullfoss, it was about 20 degrees colder.  Partly because of the wind that is pretty intense there.


But the experience of being there is incredible.  We loved the waterfall.


Taking a clear picture is next to impossible, there is mist everywhere.  As soon as you wipe the camera lens, it starts to water up.

Here’s a short video clip that helps you feel like you are there.  I’m actually talking in the clip, but you have to really strain your ears to hear what I’m saying because of the intensity of the wind.  Did I mention that it’s windy.  Enjoy.