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The title comes from one of my all-time favorite TV series The Prisoner.

Information seems to be what everyone wants.  There are even articles dedicated to where you can find more information.  Information, Information, Information.

I wonder though, is information what we really need?

We live in the internet age, where we can get any piece of information we want within seconds.  Information is so common now that we don’t even think twice about how quickly we can obtain the information we want.

In a way, we are flooded with information. I once heard that a person today, just any average person, receives more information in one day than a just about anyone would have received in the 1700’s in their entire lifetime.  That’s amazing.

Yet, we still have all sorts of challenges and problems.  Our society is deluged with information, yet overwhelmed with fear and anger.  You’d think that having more information would mean some kind of advancement of humanity.

Instead it seems as though what we have is a new drug that we are addicted to – the information drug.  We need more of it to feel normal.  We can stop anytime we want to of course, it’s just that we don’t ever stop.

Information is what it is.  Information isn’t our salvation.

What we really need is wisdom.  Wisdom is different than information.  Wisdom is knowing what to do with information.  Wisdom comes from experience, knowledge and good judgment.  Wisdom takes time and is not in a rush.  Wisdom allows information to go through a filter – to discard what is useless (most of it) and keep what is useful.  Wisdom starts with some kind of purpose.

We have an overload of information in our society, yet we seem to lack wisdom.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because gathering information requires less from people.  Maybe gathering information is more entertaining.  Wisdom requires some work.  Wisdom is patient.

If information was all we needed in our society, we’d be at the pinnacle of civilization.  Instead we seem to be on the verge of falling apart.  Information is like a campaign slogan – it sounds nice on the surface.  But wisdom is examining what is actually being said and seeing the consequences in advance.

Information and wisdom.  We have enough of one and we seriously lack the other in society.  I implore you to stop seeking information.  Seek wisdom.  For everyone’s sake.