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This could be shortest blog post I’ve ever written.  I could have just written this statement after the title – “It’s a rare find.”  But I can’t just leave it at that.

The whole flap about Republicans who have endorsed Trump but are now complaining about his comments about the judge have caught my attention.

There are several Republicans who have even gone so far as to say that Trump’s comments are racist – people like House Speaker Paul Ryan.  I agree.

But here’s the thing – is this really the first thing that these people are upset concerning Trump?  If they were really upset, why don’t they do what most people would in a similar situation – rescind their endorsement of the guy.

I get it, they all have their political careers to look out for.  So they think they can get away with distancing themselves from specific statements, but still maintain their endorsement.  I wonder how many statements they’ll have to back away from statements before their endorsement will break.  What would it take for them to rescind their endorsement?  Clearly a racist comment won’t do it – I don’t see anyone backing away as they should.  And considering Trump’s other comments against just about everyone who isn’t like him on the planet, I’m not sure who’s left to insult.  And yet, there’s the endorsements.

I wonder if these lawmakers realize what an endorsement really is – it’s not just something you do to save your political skin.  It’s a statement that says “I support this person and what they stand for.”

Here’s my statement to the lawmakers who have endorsed Trump, but are upset by his comments – I can’t trust you or take you seriously.  Words are empty without action to back it up.  Put your money where you mouth is.  Put up or shut up.

As for Trump – Here was his statement to Sean Hannity regarding those that endorsed him who are railing against him:

“They can’t get over it,” Trump told Hannity. “So they have to get over it, ideally. As to whether or not they endorse me? It’s OK if they don’t. But they have to get over it. They shouldn’t be so angry for so long.”

For the candidate who has built his entire campaign based on tapping into the continuing anger of a segment of the public, isn’t it ironic that he would say that those who criticize him “shouldn’t be so angry for so long.” That would be great advice for his supporters, only he’ll never say that to them.  He needs them to be irrationally angry.

And no worries, this isn’t some kind of endorsement of Hillary.  The Democrats have plenty of challenges with integrity as well – enough for a book, or a multi-volume set.  Too much to go into in this blog post.  Most of their politicians wouldn’t know integrity if it came up and slapped them across the face.  I just couldn’t stand by and watch this specific example and not say something.

You want to know why people are upset – because they see through the veil and the fakeness of so many things going on in government and politics and they can only just shake their heads in disgust.  Where’s the integrity?  And yet, we are told we have to continue to support one or the other political party.  We’re told we have no choice, that not voting for one candidate is a vote for the other.  We’re told rhetoric that is based in fear and anger – get on board, or else!  We’re told that government and politics is the foundation of life and that everything comes down to these things.  We’re essentially told that these politicians are our saviors – that they will save the country.

We’re told a lot of things.  Most of it is bunk – rhetoric designed to make us compliant and do what we’re “supposed” to do.  Modern day politics has become a sort of really bad religion, one the Pharisee’s would have been proud of I’m fairly certain.

Want to change this?  Stop putting your faith in politicians and government and political parties.  They are flawed.  Stop putting your hope in people who are going to “save” the country.  Stop worshiping at the altar of partisan politics.

Life is so much better when we shift our faith and hope to an actual savior and to things that matter so much more.  Politics isn’t the end-all, be-all of life.  That statement is heresy to the religion of politics and government.

You want integrity in politics?  Then let’s shift politics to it’s rightful place, away from the most important thing in life.  Stop going to the rallies.  Stop parroting the rhetoric of candidates.  Stop donating.  Stop putting up signs.  Stop attacking political opponents.  Start demanding higher standards of our politicians.  Start voting for people you really believe in, rather than the lesser of two evils.  Live in integrity in your own life and encourage those around you to live in integrity.  Put your faith and hope where it belongs – in God.  That’s how anything changes – it has to start somewhere – why not start with you and I?