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Do we really understand how radical the Gospel message is?  I mean really?  Do we really understand how transformative it really is?  Really?

We claim it is, but then we go and ignore it while we interact with those who believe differently from us politically and/or theologically.  I guess those are areas just too important for us to trust to God and follow what God calls us to do and how to act – with grace, love and forgiveness.  Besides, we’re defending orthodoxy and right thinking – we can’t just leave right belief to chance, or to God for that matter.

We claim that the Gospel is a radical transforming message, but then we set it aside when it comes to people who are different from us as it pertains to sexuality, nationality and language.  It’s us vs. them, don’t you know.  Never mind that we are told that in Christ there is no more male and female, Gentile or Jew, Servant or free, etc.  We can’t leave our personal and national safety to chance or to God for that matter.  Lord know, God might ask us to turn the other cheek, not pick up a gun to defend ourselves.  And then what would happen?

We claim that the Gospel is a radical transforming message, but in so many places I look, I see Christians trying to be Pharisees who tell others how to live, while we’re told we should ignore what these same Pharisees are doing or how they are living out their faith.

We claim the Gospel is a radical transforming message, but then we put it aside because we are just too afraid to let it do what we claim it does – transform us and our world.  We can’t have that.  We wouldn’t be in control and have things turn out the way we would want them to turn out.  We still want a favored place, don’t we?  Obviously, God’s will should align with our own since we’re so damn smart.

Is the Gospel message a radical transforming message or not?

Maybe it’s just a bit too scary for some who claim to follow it.  Maybe the cost is too high for some.

Are we really ready to die to self?  Do we even really understand what that means?  Are we ready to die to the idea of controlling our lives?  Or is that for other people?  Are we too good for that?

Do we really understand how radical and transformative the Gospel message is?  Do we really buy it?  I mean really buy it to the point that we’re all in?  Do we fear that all of it is just a sham?  Or are we just so afraid to let go – like stepping off a cliff without something to visible to catch us before we hit the bottom?

Are we afraid to die to self?  I think we are.  Yet, Jesus calls us to do just that.  Not someone else, over there – but each one of us, right here, right now.