When you are at Thingvellir you see some amazing things.  One of these amazing things is a walkway along the continental plate.


As you walk up, you look to your right and see the plate.


The walkway is uphill.  You start in what would normally be a valley – it’s the land between the plates and it sits lower.  As you walk up to plate level, you turn and are treated with some amazing views that go on and on.


They look like a postcard.


They transport you somewhere else.


One of the great things about traveling to places like this is that you leave behind so much baggage.  I’m not talking about literal baggage, but rather baggage that we carry with us mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  We leave behind the baggage of politics, work, strife, violence, mistrust, rules, and every kind of heavy burden.  But just a short while.  Travel allows us to unburden for a short bit.  In a way travel to places like Thingvellir can be a religious moment in our lives – a preview of the Kingdom of God in all it’s glory.


Thank you God.