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When did it become acceptable to hate?  Maybe that’s the wrong question.  There’s been a long history of hate within Christianity for a long time.  It probably goes back as far as when the church became culturally acceptable when Constantine was emperor.  You know, when you have the authorities and leaders on your side, you can start to look down on others who don’t.  Maybe the question should be, why has it taken Christians so long to figure out this out?

Why do you quote some bible passages and not others?  Is it because you want God to fit your worldview?  Do you realize that for every bible verse you pull out of context, I can find one opposing your view, also out of context – regardless of the topic? Do you not know that the bible raises more questions than it answers…and that’s a good thing?  Why do you think the bible is an answer book which answers all your questions?

Why do claim to interpret the bible literally, but then come up crazy ideas that literally aren’t in the bible?  For example Rapture.  It’s not there.  Never has been.  Never will be.  You can’t randomly pull scripture, tell me that weeks actually mean years, tell me what the weeks mean without it being there and in the same breath tell me that you interpret the bible literally.  You aren’t even following your own rules.  Why should I?

Why do you endorse and support a candidate for office who has been married multiple times, cheated on those spouses, flip flops on social issues you care about, is full of pride and arrogance, contradicts Jesus on the idea of neighbors, seeks revenge, doesn’t think he needs forgiveness, believes military force will solve problems, puts his faith in himself and in country over God and misquotes scripture?  How do you rationalize the conflict between what you claim to stand for with a candidate who is polar opposite?

Why do you think you have been appointed the culture police?  Where do you get the notion that the culture should match your interpretation of the bible and Christianity?

Why do you push away other Christians?  Why is your version of authentic Christianity right?  Why do you not recognize that interpretation is imprecise?  Why do you think people will be convinced of how right you are by you yelling at them and telling them they better get on board or else?

Why do you think the most important part of being a Christian is about being right and have the right beliefs?  What about the commands of Jesus who told us to go and make disciples and to go take care of poor, homeless, visit those in prison, and share Good News.