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This week I’m on vacation, so no travel posts, no unloading what’s going on in my mind.  No a real vacation.  In fact, I’ll be somewhere where there is no wifi.  Which means I’ve planned ahead and scheduled a week of just some simple quotes for you to ponder.  Enjoy them.  I’ll be enjoying my time off.  I’ll be back to regular travel posts and theology/politics/whatever else is on my mind posts on Tuesday, July 5th.

Here’s today’s quote:

Jurgen Moltmann:

Where Jesus is, there is life.  There is abundant life, vigorous life, loved life and external life.  There is life-before-death.  I find it deeply disturbing and unsettling whenever I think about how we have become accustomed to death – to death of the soul, to death on the street, to death through violence – to death-before-life.

From The passion for life: a messianic lifestyle, 1977.