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As we journeyed our way to the volcano, we came across some neat things.  Like this:


The rock formations that are so neatly laid out are areas where herders would gather and separate their flocks.  “But what about fencing in your flock?” you ask.  Nonsense.  Not on Iceland – at least not in the past.  There was no need.  It’s an island and there were (and still are) so few people there.  They roamed freely.  Then the herders would drive all the herding animals they found into this location. Once gathered, they would spend time separating the herd by owner.  Not bad.

Today, these pens just sit.  They have been replaced by more modern structures that serve the same function.  That didn’t stop us from going in though.  Thankfully we all ended up in the same pen.


Here’s a more detailed explanation and some history if you care to read it.


And here’s the drawing on the right a bit closer.