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Iceland is such a unique place.  You get to see such a wide variety of things, all close together.  As we ventured on the trail up to the volcano, we kept coming across all of these things.  The crack in the ground was interesting…


We didn’t venture into this one.  We had heard that earthquakes are common on Iceland and that the earth shifts a great deal – cracks that exist today might not tomorrow.  Looking from up above this crack was good enough for us.

We also came across these:


They are markers of stone piled up on hills.  They are an early mile marker system that people created as they traversed the island.  Think of it as markers that you can see in the distance to let you know what direction to head as you hike along the island.

And lastly, for this post anyway, were the wildflowers.


They show up in patches from time to time, changing the color of the lava fields and giving visitors something different to look at.