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There’s an article by Kurt Willems that talks about Christian Nationalism.  It was written in 2012 and you might be surprised when you read it – it’s still very accurate.  In a way, he inspired his article.  His title is “You might be a Christian Nationalist if…”

I was thinking about this article the other day and I felt something was missing. As I scroll around social media, I figured it out.  There are a lot of Christians out there who claim loyalty to Christ, yet can’t seem to get past their partisan political party allegiances.  This is true for both major political parties in the US.

So here we go:

You might be a Christian political partisan loyalist if…

…you pay attention more to the speeches of the politicians rather than what they have done in the past or what their policies would actually do – not the rhetoric.

…you pay attention to the speeches and statements of politicians more than you spend time in the bible and/or praying.

…you can look past the contradictions or come up with excuses for your preferred candidates – there’s always a reason and an excuse to explain away what just happened.

…you have no problem demonizing your political opponents and then turn around and go to church and talk about peace, love, and forgiveness.

…you think the other party is evil. You might even think that your political opponents for for or are influenced by Satan.

…you believe that Jesus would be registered in your political party.

…you believe that your party is living out Christian values and beliefs.

…you can’t pray for your political opponents.

…you believe that having your political opponents in power is dangerous, yet have no concern what so ever with handing power over to the candidates in your own party so they can determine what money is spent on or how power is used.

…you believe that Christians are supposed to be concerned with which politician can save the nation.

…you speak of politicians in your party with Messianic words.

…you approach life from your political beliefs, rather than from your Christian beliefs.

…you think that Christianity and partisan politics have no conflict.

…you define neighbor as anyone in your political party.  Yet those in the opposing party are “them.”

I wonder, how would you finish the statement?  You might be a Christian political party loyalist if…