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I have never seen an example and can’t think of an example of a person who pursues to live peacefully or be an instrument of peace that has been the cause of anyone else dying or causing destruction.  Can you?

I have never seen anyone who was concerned and committed with living out what Christ truly calls us to be end up being the cause of violence, death, or destruction.  Have you?

What I have seen is that the common cause of death and destruction has been people who make an idol out of being right.  This can come under the label of religion, nation, philosophy, power, politics, etc., but it is never from people who set aside the concern of being right in order to live out a call from Christ and follow what Christ actually said.  But of course being right isn’t the only cause though either.

A friend reminded me though that living peacefully is much easier for individuals than it is when we deal with systems.  Especially systems that bombard people with messages that tell them lies about themselves.  Individuals have a responsibility to live out peacefully.  And our systems should reflect this as well.

I wonder, can systems be altered and changed by individuals choosing to live differently?  I wonder what the critical mass would be to cause such a change.  How does a system change?  Aren’t systems made up of people?  Yet, I know they are more than that too.

Can a peaceful person change a violent system?  Can a group?  Maybe it starts by asking the question if its possible.  Then we go from there.