I took last week off from posting anything on social media.  No travel blog posts, no theology, no politics, no prayers, no tweets. No nothing. It was like a vacation.  Only it wasn’t.

We moved back to our home after being away for two years.  I needed the time to unpack (still not totally done, but a good way through).  I’m also working on my Approval Essay (really important essay for concluding seminary).  That’s coming along well.  It’s due Sept. 1 – So I’ll be working on it until then, continually tweaking and changing things as I see it.

Taking time off from social media was nice – a breathe of fresh air.

I’m also realizing that I might be doing too much.  Or maybe I’m just feeling a bit weighed down.  I like posting travel blog posts.  They are fun.  I enjoy writing on theology and politics.  I enjoy creating unique tweets on the bible.  I enjoy all of this, but I’m wondering if I’m just feeling like there has to be a faster way to do this all.

I’ll keep playing with things and see how it works out.

In the mean time, I’ve restarted most of it.  I’ll get back into a groove soon.  It will have to if this is going to continue – classes start next week.  So I better find that groove quickly.

Until tomorrow…Peace.