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This is the residence where Iceland’s Prime Minister lives.  It’s in the heart of the capitol city and as you can see, there is very little protecting it.  It’s approachable.  You can walk past it without anyone worrying about what will happen.

It’s a breathe of fresh air compared to so many other nations that separate their elected leaders from everyone else.

Of course, you could say that Iceland is different – there are only about 350,000 people on the island, it has no defenses, most people probably know each other, etc.

Yet, I can’t help but be impressed.  I think it sets the tone for so much in the way of governing.  The same could be argued for religion too and other organizations.  The more approachable the leadership is, the more trust that leadership has in the people they are leading.  It makes for a solid community that is open for debate.  The point isn’t conformity here, it’s community.  I find that the places that separate the leaders from the people are more interested in conformity – it’s safer that way.  Just an observation.