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The unnamed bureaucrat.



That’s what this statue is called.  I’m not sure what to make of it really.  It think it’s neat that they pay tribute to all the unnamed people who do stuff behind the scenes.  They are the ones who carry out all the rules and regulations and orders of the elected officials.

And again, it’s nice to see a statue to someone other than a military figure riding his stead after killing off the enemy in a pose that the person never actually was in.

The statue makes me think about all the other unnamed individuals who go to work each day and never receive any accolades for their efforts.  And not just government employees.  Think about that in every other industry – they are all there.  Now expand that list to include the entire world, throughout all of human working history.  Now go further back to all the humans who existed before we came up with the concept of doing something in exchange for money or other goods.  That’s a lot of people.