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In the course of about one month, my family and I have gone from what was our normal to seeking out our new normal.

I ended my internship, we moved, unloaded most of our stuff, reoriented ourselves back to our home (which we had been away from for the last two years), the kids started school, my wife started a new job, I started seminary classes again, the middle two started back on a soccer team (of which I’m assistant coach), and we did needed repairs around the house (nothing major, but plenty of minor things).  Oh, and did I mention we are still bringing some of our stuff back to our house after having in it in storage for the last two years?

That’s a lot of change for anyone to go through.  Our human nature is crying out to us – “give us some predictability,” it cries.  Yet, we can’t do that.  Or at least not much.

Our lives right now are in this weird state of waiting.  We are here at home, yet, we don’t know if we’ll be remaining here long term.  We’ll know by the end of February for sure.

But what about until that time?  Well, we wait and trust.  We wait to hear and we trust that God has our best interests at heart.  Trusting God in this is not easy – it’s not supposed to be.  Yet it is what we are called to.

What I’ve learned about Christianity during my time at seminary is this – trust is a great deal different than what I thought it was.  I’ve gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable and out of control.  I think that’s closer to what is meant by God’s call to trust.  We admit we aren’t in control, and yet we hold and move forward anyway.

So here’s the real deal – this is our new normal.  Our new normal is similar to previous versions.  Our new normal is life being lived without full knowledge of what will happen because it’s not in our control.  But really, isn’t this everyone’s normal?  Isn’t this closer to the truth than any of us want to admit?  There’s really nothing new about it.  Just some different circumstances, but nothing really new.  It’s normal.