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Yesterday I wrote about finding the new normal.  Really, there isn’t such a thing.

Today I write about challenges that are good for you.  Really, it all depends on how you view these things.

My challenge is this – how do I make it all flow?  How do I get done all the things I need to get done in a week?

Here’s the challenge:  I have six classes.  They all have selected readings, papers, projects, etc. that are due over the course of the semester.

I am a vicar at a small congregation.  I have to have a sermon prepared for every weekend, prepare a bulletin, and do other pastoral things.

I have other responsibilities at the seminary as well – preaching and prep for that preaching from time to time, serving on a committee, etc.

And then there are family obligations – wife, children, activities, sports, music, concerts, homework help, spending time together, etc.

I also have a pretty steady commitment to social media postings on this blog as well as a daily prayer, and two Twitter accounts.

And there is free-time.  Yes, I get some free time from time to time.  I usually exercise in that time (when I’m not nursing an injury).

So how does it all happen?  Great question.  I’m figuring it out as we speak.  The point is this – there is no magic formula for getting things done.  Your context matters.  What you determine is important matters.  How you use your time matters.  It’s no different for me than what I learned when I was managing political campaigns.  Every campaign is a bit unique – you’ll have varying levels of resources of money and people.  Yet every campaign is the same in one regard – how much time everyone has.  How you use that time may very well determine the difference between a campaign getting ready to transition into office and a campaign transitioning to the bar for a round of drinks to wallow away in misery.

For me, that imagery keeps me going.  You’ve got to find our own.

The best part about all of this is that this challenge of figuring it all out is good for me.  It keeps me thinking and improving, testing and tinkering.  It will never be a completed project though because just when I think I’ve got it figured out, the whole thing will change.   But that’s what life is all about – change.  It’s constant and dependable.