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We stepped across the street from the parliament of Iceland to go inside the cathedral.  It’s a beautiful building inside.


I loved seeing all the wood.  It’s also very Lutheran (which makes sense since it is a Lutheran church) – there is a great deal of order in it, along with a hat tip to beauty in worship.

The pulpit was no exception.


I was left wondering though – how many people actually hear the Good News from this pulpit?  If Iceland is like other countries that have state sponsored religion, then the answer is not many. Which is a real shame.

The altar was of course beautiful as well.  And as you can see in the picture, the flag of Iceland is right nearby, so people won’t forget the tie between church and state.


When I was up towards the front of the church, I turned back to see what was at the back.  This is what I found.


And in another section of the church, it was great to see some Icelandic on the wall.


For all I know it says something insulting about tourists who stop into the church and take lots of pictures.  I’m hoping it’s a blessing though for all who step foot in the church.