We paid our money and went inside.  Now here’s the weird thing – the meeting of cultures.  Iceland has this unique position.  It’s a part of Europe, yet plenty of Americans go there.  What that means is you can tell what continent someone is from based on how they act in the changing room.  Let’s just say Americans are prudish and Europeans let it all hang out (no pun intended).

Anyway, we got changed and went into the water. Ahhhhh!


To say that the water was warm would be an understatement.  After a bit, it becomes down right hot.

But that doesn’t keep people away.  In fact there seems to always be a large crowd at the Lagoon.


The facility itself is wonderful.  Having said that, we spent our entire time out in the water.  It’s not often you get to sit in really hot water and just relax.


I even got to take an iconic Blue Lagoon picture of the steam rising up above the water.


We stayed until late.  Of course, if it weren’t for a clock, we’d never had known what time it was.  Check out how bright it was at 10:10 pm.


Overall, the Blue Lagoon is well worth a visit.