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Time to return stateside for some new adventures.  We’ll begin with a trip to the Allegheny Portage Rail Road.  It is located in Cresson, PA.  Here’s the short summary version of what the portage rail road was – it was a rail line that connected two canals back in around 1830.  Not just any rail line, but a system of pulleys that were able to take canal boats up and over mountains.  Yeah, I told it is interesting.  So let’s begin our adventure.

From August 2015 to August 2016, we lived around the Hollidaysburg, PA area as I did my internship year for seminary.  We wanted to make the most of it and we visited several sites in the area, one of them being the portage rail road.  It’s a part of the national park system and it a great museum and grounds to explore, especially with children.

We started our adventure inside the museum where we talked with a park ranger and explored the exhibits.


We learned about the mechanics of how the rail road worked in conjunction with the canal system.  It was all quite interesting.


Stay tuned tomorrow as we head outside to the actual site of the rail road.