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We headed out of the museum and down to the actual site of the portage rail road.  Everything had to be recreated, especially after the rail road went out of service soon after it started.  The advent of powerful steam engines, made the portage railroad ineffective and costly.

We made our way down to Incline #6.


It’s called Incline #6 because it is the sixth of ten inclines.  These are the powerhouses of the entire rail line.  Inside of the incline were engines that pulled canal boats up the side of the hill/mountain.


We walked to the incline and took a peek inside.  The national park service has a great job of recreating what the incline would have looked like at the time of operation.


The canal boats would have been pulled up inside of the incline using the ropes shown.  At least initially.  Eventually, the ropes would have been replaced with more durable material.  A few accidents caused people to figure out that sturdier material was needed.


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