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The Lemon House was owned by, hold your breath and wait for it…Mr. and Mrs. Lemon.  Shocking, I know.

At any rate, here is there lovely house.


It sits right along the rail road, just past the incline.


The house became a rest stop along the rail road, where travelers could get a bite to eat, freshen up a bit, socialize, and generally just get out of the heat of the canal boats.


There are several rooms in the house.  There was a room for the men, which housed what can only be called a bar.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t served.  I must not have been respectable enough.

At any rate, the ladies could retreat to the ladies parlor if they wished.


Also at the house, they have a variety of toys that children in the era would have played with.  Our kids gave a shot at them too.  They did pretty well and enjoyed playing with some different toys that didn’t require electricity.


I even got in on the action too, testing my abilities with a dancing toy.  Fun, fun!


Up next:  Carved stones!