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After watching the hewing of logs, we went over to the last stop on our time at the living history days of the Allegheny Portage Rail Road – the quarry.

At the quarry, we learned about how the stones were carves and made ready for the rail road.


And then #3 got to participate in making a stone ready.  He was talked into being the guy who held the chisel.


Yes, this was actually a job.  Let’s just say, this type of work would never pass safety regulations today.  That’s because the other guy would be using the hammer to come down on the chisel.  He told us that accidents could happen, but they weren’t as often as you’d think.  Regardless, #3 held on as the guy cocked his hands back and let her rip.


No worries, he didn’t actually go at full force or even come all the way down for that matter.  But it was enough for #3 to realize that this was not the job for him.

Thank goodness that we aren’t in the 1830’s.

Up next: we take some time away to be at a cabin in the woods.