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What is the value of a person?  How do you measure their worth?

Society and culture, at least American, find value in money.  We exchange work for money.  We also seem to define success based on wealth accumulation.  We also talk about employees being a cost.  Taking care of people costs money too.  Educating people costs money.  In our culture were really good at paying people to entertain us.  And as a society we place a great deal of value on those who lead large for-profit organizations that produces goods or services.

But this is not the only way to measure value and worth.

Families seem to find value in time.  Time spent together.  Time invested in children.  Time at sporting and school events.  Time with friends.  Time during holidays.  Families exchange time for relationship building and trust.

But this isn’t the only way to measure value and worth either.

There are many ways in which we measure value and worth and I wonder – do we tap into these ways in our personal lives?  Some other “currency” of value and worth we might consider are attention, silence, forgiveness, health, and capabilities.  These are often more difficult to measure because they are more abstract and often subjective.  Yet, they measure value and worth of a person in their own ways.

God has other ways of measuring value and worth too.  Some overlap with ours and others don’t.  Overall though, I’d go out on a limb here and say that God doesn’t get bogged down in the measuring of a person’s worth.  I think God just values people and all of creation.  In the midst of chaos and violence and destruction, sometimes it can be hard to see God’s value for creation and humanity.  Yet, it’s there.  It always has been.  That’s God’s promise to us.  And God always keeps God’s promises.