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Ever since I received a fitbit for Father’s Day last year, I have worn it pretty much non-stop.  2016 was a rough year for me physically – I pulled my left hamstring…twice.  The second time caused me to be on crutches for about a month.  I took my time with recovery and eventually eased my way into walking and then short running distance.  Then, bam! I had plantar fasciitis in my left heel.  Ouch.  The only way to heal this is to rest the foot.  No running.  Eventually I felt well enough to run again in November.  All during this, I kept my fitbit on.  I watched as I had day of 1,000 steps.  Ugg.  I watched my weight go up too.  More ugg.  I’m the type of person who also gets a bit cranky if I don’t get a chance to exercise – it’s how I get my frustrations out of my system.

The holidays are a rough time to be healthy.  And this year was no exception.  Some more weight, less exercise, a cold that turned into a sinus infection and ear infection.  Down again.

Then I was finally healthy.  It only took 11 months to feel completely healthy, but it came.  It happened to be the end of the year too.  2017 started and so did I.  I’ve been going to the Y and doing my exercise routine, which includes running.  Right now, I’m planning on running outside again next week and slowly building my distance.

But the amazing thing for me was hitting a milestone.  Yesterday I looked at my seven day step total.  I was at 99,818 steps…for seven days.  It was about 9:30pm.  I so badly wanted to see 100,000 steps on the screen.  So I got up and walked around the house several times, until I hit and surpassed the magic number.

Now here’s the thing.  You might be sitting there thinking that either I’m crazy or that I should stop bragging.

Actually I tell you all this for a reason.  This is a personal accomplishment for me and gives me a signal that I’m headed in the right direction.  I’m feeling great, lost the holiday weight, and enjoy what I’m doing.

Does this mean everyone should make a goal of doing 100,000 steps in seven days?  Nope. This is my thing.  I want to encourage you to find your thing.  Do that thing that you really enjoy, that is actually good for you too.  Maybe it is taking a walk.  (I advise getting a dog, you’ll get plenty of steps in this way – trust me, I know from personal experience).  Maybe it’s running.  Maybe it’s swimming, or cycling, or just playing with your kids.  Only you know what that thing is that makes you feel alive and well.  Make this the year you suck it up and get moving. After about two to three weeks it becomes a habit and a commitment.

The commitment and habit turn into trust – trust of your body and of you.  You start to work as a team and you enjoy it.

True for exercise and health, but also true for many other things in live.  What’s your 100,000 steps that you want to celebrate?