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Our next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the German room.


As you would expect from a German room, it is neat, organized and serves very specific purposes.  I was a bit surprised by how narrow the room is.  It forces you to put your attention to the front.

One disappointment for me was that there wasn’t anything about Martin Luther in the room.  You’d think that a guy who arguably has had one of the biggest imprints on German culture in the last 500 years would get something in this room.  But nope.


The lesson I took away from this room – context matters.  The German room was thoroughly German in its outlook.  It wasn’t trying to be a different room.

Maybe there’s a lesson for churches to learn here?  Ya think?

If you are part of a church, ask yourself this question – who are we and what are we trying to be?  Then ask why?  If your church is trying to be something that doesn’t really fit, why is this happening?  Because the cool kids are doing it?  That won’t work.  It’s the people in the church that make up the church.  It’s also the people in the community where the church is that gives context.  Be who you are, not somebody else.