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Our next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the Polish room.


This room is small, but as you can see, it’s set up very differently from “normal” classrooms that we American’s are used to.  It has a table in the middle with chairs around it.

What this tells me is that the focus is on discussion.  Talk about being approachable – I can see doubts being expressed and questions being raised.  I can hear heated debate over issues – yet a common quest for knowledge.  This isn’t someone talking at students and transferring information.  This approach is different.  It makes learning very relevant.

This is probably something this guy would have appreciated:


Also in this room is this:


It’s a replica Jagiellonian globe.

The lesson from here – being approachable is taking a risk.  It’s taking a risk that we might not know the answer, but we can explore together.  Very relational isn’t it?