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Our next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the Irish room.


As you can see, it takes on the same idea as the Polish room – a table in the middle which makes learning approachable.  As well as the teacher.

This room was very dark, even with lights on.  Although, this made the windows come alive.


And boy, were the windows something?  Exquisite detail in the stained glass.  A portrait into the past.

Along with this beauty.


Lesson here – learn from the past.  There are many important lessons to be learned.  Yes, even ancient people have wisdom to teach us today.  While we may have better and more advanced technology, I’m not so sure that we are much wiser than people in the past.  We seem to be more distracted though.  This whole idea is really about connecting with community.  In the case of the Irish room, the community happens to be people who have gone before us.  The same can be said of the church – we have the communion of saint – those who have gone before us in faith.  They are excellent examples of how to live our one’s faith.  We can learn a great deal from them.