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We ventured to our next room in the Cathedral of Learning – the Romanian room.


The room is set up in a traditional style where the teacher is at the front of the room and the students sit facing the teacher.  The room is very beautiful and has a great deal of details to it.  Very intricate details.


And there’s something else too – no fear of expressing it’s religious heritage.  There were a couple of icons in the room.  They were gorgeous.


I especially appreciated this piece of art at the back of the room.


The lesson from this room for the church.  Don’t hide who you are.  Live out what you believe.  Not in a way that shoves it down people’s throats because that’s not what we claim to believe anyway.  I know that some churches actually do – and they will claim they are doing it to save the person they are badgering.  But remember church, we aren’t the savior, we merely share the Good News of the savior.  Let your lives be a living example of that message.