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The next stop in our trip around the world within the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh was the Swedish room.


Having been to Sweden, I was excited to see what they decided to do with the room.  It’s not quite what I thought of when I thought of Sweden, but it wasn’t totally off either.  Again, the detail is amazing.


The drawings in this room are pretty neat.  I don’t remember the story behind them, but I do remember something else.


When you look closely at the drawings, you should be able to find some “errors” in each one.  What I mean is that we were told that each of the drawings has something humorous in it – sometimes it’s very subtle, but it’s there is you know what you are looking for.


Don’t ask me to tell you what was humorous about the angel above – I couldn’t tell you.

The lesson from this room – beauty can come with humor.  Pay attention church.  Too often we make things more difficult and serious than they need to be.  God has a sense of humor and so do most people – unless they are too busy thinking they have all the answers and they have to correct everyone else.  Those folks are a real treat to hang out with I tell ya.  Don’t be like that church – be alive, laugh, poke fun (even at yourself), tell a joke, smile.  In other words, enjoying church and the church community is a sign of life.  Embrace it.