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Ah, the Greek room at the Cathedral of Learning.  This was a fun room.


It’s a room where I felt I knew a little bit about the culture going in.

First, there is a table that the students and teacher sit at.  This makes sense, especially if the teacher is using a Socratic method of teaching.

The other reason I loved coming in here was because I could read what was written on the chairs.


All around the room, there are words carved into each of the chairs.  These are names of individuals who have made contributions to learning through the ages.  The above name is translated to Plato.  He certainly has made an impact in learning through the ages, and not just in Greece either – but throughout the world.

In the Greek room, you see plenty of beauty – in a very Greek style of course.


The Greeks know who they are and they are proud of it.

The “church” lesson from this room – Don’t be afraid to share what you know.  The church isn’t a club where only a select few have the secret knowledge – at least it’s not supposed to be that way.  Let me rephrase that – a healthy church doesn’t operate this way.  A healthy church taps into the people who are a part of it in ways that make people thrive.  That’s what a relationship with God is about – thriving.  I’m not preaching the prosperity gospel here – let me be clear.  Thriving doesn’t mean that God blesses you with a ton of material wealth.  Thriving can happen in the midst of the chaos of life.  Thriving is an orientation towards life and possibilities.  Thriving is about life in community.  Thriving is about long-term.  Thriving is big and touches many lives.  The lesson is this – speak up, let people know what motivates you and you are passionate about.  I’m willing to bet that your passion can be used to advance the mission of the Gospel in some way – maybe in a way you don’t even know.  But it starts with speaking up.  It starts with a relationship.  It starts with taking a risk.  It starts with a step of faith.  Take that step and see where God takes you.