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Our next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the Scottish room.


I can almost hear a professor with a thick Scottish accent and some really big side burns yelling at the students while teaching about William Wallace, can’t you?

The detail in the room was quite impressive.  Here is the covering for the blackboard.


The names in the carving are all important Scottish figures from the past.

And here’s a bigger tribute.


Of all the Scots in the world, they decided to honor Robert Burns.  There are plenty of Scots that could have been honored, yet it was Burns who was chosen.  Burns was the national poet of Scotland in the late 1700’s.  That’s quite an honor to be displayed prominently in the Scottish room.

Lesson for the church – Pay attention to who we pay attention to.  Sometimes it is the unexpected.  Sometimes it is the least.  Sometimes it is the lost.  And sometimes it is men and women who make a big impact in unexpected, but lasting way – all in pursuit of the kingdom of God.