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Our next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the Turkey room.


This room had some neat features.  Look at the walls around the room.  That’s where students sit.  And the lighter color wood – those are the tops of the desk that come down so students can write or type on them.  Otherwise, they are hidden and make for some nice art.  Speaking of art, check out the windows.


It’s stained glass, but with lots of light coming through.  This piece tells a whole story.


Hiddenness seems to be the theme in the Turkey room – even the board is hidden when it is not needed.  The doors slide over the top of it and it melds in with everything else.


Lesson for the church – this takes me back actually.  The early church had no problem with hiddenness and mystery.  It seems as though so many modern Christians have trouble with this – maybe it’s the fact that when something is hidden or there is mystery, then we are not in control.  Yet, we aren’t.  It also seems that many younger Christians are starting to appreciate mystery a bit more.  I’m thankful for that.  Here’s the thing, if we are going to be a religion, then there is going to be mystery.  We’re talking about God here – something and someone that we can’t even fully comprehend.  Anyone who thinks they know everything about God, is full of it.  Church, embrace the mystery.  There is beauty in hiddenness and mystery.  And it is good for humanity to realize and experience being out of control.