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Our next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the African Heritage Room.


Am I the only one that thinks it’s a little odd to have one room dedicated to African heritage?  This room is set in a Kenyan style.

But seriously, it seems like a typical American way of looking at the world.  Africa is this big continent, yet we seem to think that all Africans are the same.  Hello?!?  It’s a whole continent, you know like North America.  And I think we Americans know that there are significant differences across the continent, even just within the US.  That’s not even considering Canada or Mexico.  But hey, what do I know?


I found the African Heritage Room to be pretty neat.  The seating was not comfortable, but it serves its purpose.

I did like the artwork around the room though.


You can almost hear the stories that the images tell.


Lesson for church – Making assumptions can cause problems.  When we assume things about people or places, we are bound to make mistakes and miss important things.  We we assume things about sin and people, we’re bound to bring shame into the picture.  Church has an opportunity to share a different message – one of hope, reconciliation, and forgiveness.  But these require listening and being open.  They require going well past the assumptions that we have to consider things we may not even know exist.  It means acknowledging that we are not in control.  That’s a scary spot for people.  Yet, if we can’t be the ones who are not in control in church, then where are we going to experience that reality?