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The next stop in our tour of the Cathedral of Learning was the Indian room.


I really liked this room.  It has a unique feel to it that I can’t quite pinpoint.  Maybe it’s the fact that everything is symmetrical.  Or maybe it’s the arrangement of the seating, or maybe the brick.  I don’t know.


The art in the room (shown above) is a tribute to learning.  That’s cool.  And it seems as though it’s not just learning for some either.

Also in this room is a nod to the importance of religion in Indian culture.  In the US, we seem to be afraid of any acknowledgement of faith in regards to learning.  Yet, this is something relatively new in history.  So many discoveries have been made by religious people in the world of science.  The university system came into being because of religious people.  Yet, today, you’d think there was always some kind of separation, or that there was a war between religion and science or religion and learning.


But history shows this is not the case.


Lesson for the church: there does not have to be a war between religion and science or learning.  Religion has much to learn from science and education, and vice versa.  We should remember our past.  Tradition plays an important role in the life of the church and in culture.  However, tradition shouldn’t be made into an idol either.  Instead, I’ll quote my supervisor from my internship – “We should honor our traditions, and create new ones.”  Very wise words.