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The next stop in the tour of the world through the Cathedral of Learning was the Armenian room.


Not only do you feel like you’ve just stepped into a different culture with this room, but you also feel like you have stepped back in time too. And with good reason.  Armenia is an old civilization.  It boasts of having one of the earliest Christian civilizations – which means there was already a well established civilization chugging along before that.

To give some perspective on age, here’s a picture of the Armenian alphabet from the 5th century.


And here’s a brief history of the country by way of important Armenian figures from history.


Lesson for the church.  Ok, so maybe this is more a lesson for North American Christianity.  Or to be more specific – American Christianity.  Christianity existed before our nation did and will still exist afterwards.  That means we should live in humility.  History didn’t start when we were born and it won’t end when we die.  The Church has thrived in many locations and under many circumstances – many of which were unfavorable to the church.  And we sit around and whine about a few less people sitting in the pews.  Let’s get serious for a moment shall we – what’s really important about our faith?  That’s what will carry on to the next generation.