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The next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the Japanese room.


It is very simple, yet eloquent at the same time.  It is very functional, yet not off putting either.


In the back of the room (shown above) you see some Japanese writings.  Here’s a close up of the one on the left.


I’m told that often these images and the words that go with them are telling a story.  It’s my understanding that Japanese culture is conveyed through story very often and that the Japanese are master story tellers.

Lesson for church: we have a story to tell.  The culture won’t tell the story for us anymore, which I think is a positive thing.  The Rev. Dr. David Lose once said that the church in the US has gotten lazy with telling its story.  I agree.  It’s time to relearn the story of faith and proclaim it.  This isn’t a story about facts and figures – it’s a story about relationship:  God with creation, including humanity.  Tell that story, and see what happens.