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Are you ready for Sunday?  It’s a big day of course.  Lots of people are looking forward to it.  I can’t believe that some people who really don’t care about it all though.  They haven’t paid attention to it for years.  It makes no sense.  Just think of all the good things that come on Sunday.  First the food.  It will be amazing – some of the best there ever was.  I know that where I’ll be we’ll have wine to celebrate and food that just makes me feel alive.  And there will be plenty for everyone who comes.

As somebody who’s been thinking about and analyzing everything that’s going to happen on Sunday, I have to say I can’t wait to share my thoughts with the people I’ll be spending time with.  I’ve been thinking about this Sunday all week – I just can’t keep my mind off of it.  I’ve been reading other people’s analysis as well – there’s some great insights going around the web.

And half the fun is seeing who shows up on Sunday for our celebration and what they wear.  I already have my uniform picked out and ready to go.  There will be no denying where my allegiance will be.

At the beginning, I know there will be lots of confessing going on – people admitting that they aren’t really die hard fans, but they like what they hear or see.  Some will say that they just aren’t ready to commit to either team.  That might cause some friendships to end though. People are really serious about this stuff.  Others will be back like before, just because it’s their habit to come.  Still others will come because of the food – people gotta eat right?

Oh and the money that is spent for Sunday – wow, you can’t even imagine.  It’s like people are just handing it over. Some people are really committed to this celebration.

I’m curious though what people will be talking about on Monday – the analysis, the food, who was there, something else?

When it’s all over, there will be smiles and sadness, laughter and tears, hopes fulfilled and hopes dashed.  We’ll leave, go back to our lives and look forward to the next time when we can do it all again.

Yeah, I think I’m all ready for church.  How about you?

Wait, did you think I was talking about something else?