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The next stop on the cultural tour through the Cathedral of Learning was the Korean Heritage Room.


This is the only other room that has “Heritage” in its name.  Again, I’m not sure why.  Are the other rooms devoid of heritage?  Why the special designation?  I don’t know.


I did like this room though – it felt very open and in a weird way, it felt connected to nature.  Maybe because of all the wood.  Or maybe the lighting.


Lesson for church: Open and welcome.  Imagine if your church could be described that way.  I wonder how it would be different.  What would open mean?  What would have to change?  How would the people in the church have to change?  How would the culture have to change?  And most importantly, does Jesus call us to be open?  I think so.  Yeah, Jesus never used the word directly, but if you look at what he talks about it’s about being open – Open to others, open to God, open to change, open to serve.