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The next stop in the Cathedral of Learning was the Welsh room.


I have to say, of all of the rooms in the Cathedral of Learning, this looked the most familiar.  Not because of the long benches where the student sit, but the overall room and the color.  It just reminds me of my own elementary schooling.  I’m not even sure if the rooms in my elementary school were yellow, but for some reason this room brought me back.


The door and items in the window above were a nice touch and the items were very Welsh, from the limited knowledge of Welsh culture that I have.


And I’m not sure what to make of the picture above. Reminds me of a courtroom where a judge would preside.  Or a pulpit where a preacher would give a sermon.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Regardless, this was an interesting room.

Lesson for church: recognize what is familiar for people and how it might impact them.  Of course that can next to impossible to do also.  At the very least minimize the negative associations and maximize the positives.  You can’t do this for everyone.  The point though is this – get to know the people in the church.  What has been their experience with church.  Have they been traumatized, had a great experience, what?  What symbols and material things trigger memories – both good and bad?  The church has a long tradition and it can be a help or a hindrance.  Knowing the difference is important.